Stetson University STEM Day Institute Registration

Stetson University will be hosting a course redesign institute titled, "Building Capacity for Incorporating Academic Service-Learning in STEM Course Development" on May 14th-15th, 2012. During this institute, faculty from Stetson and from colleges and universities around the region will redesign their courses in STEM and STEM-related fields to include community engaged learning as a major component of the course. Please fill in the form below to register for this event. For more information on Stetson's STEM Day Institute visit: If you have any questions in regards to the Institute contact Savannah-Jane Griffin at or 386-822-8706.
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Both Florida Campus Compact and Stetson University intend to take photographs and other media recordings during the event. Do you agree to the following media release terms:

FL|CC Release: I do permit and authorize Florida Campus Compact (FL|CC) and its employees, agents, and personnel who are acting on behalf of the organization to use my photograph or other likeness for purposes related to the mission of the FL|CC, including publicity, marketing, and promotion of the organization and its various programs. I understand my photograph or likeness may be copied and distributed by means of various media, including video presentations, television, news bulletins, mailings, billboards or signs, brochures, placement on FL|CC websites, or newspapers. I understand that, although FL|CC will endeavor to use my photograph or likeness in accordance with standards of good judgment, the organization cannot warranty or guarantee that any further dissemination of my photograph or likeness will be subject to FL|CC supervision or control. Accordingly, I release FL|CC from any and all liability related to dissemination of my photograph or likeness. Stetson University Release: I hereby grant to the Stetson University Board of Trustees, a public body corporate (“STETSON”), and those acting pursuant to its authority the absolute right and permission to: a. Record my participation and appearance on videotape, audiotape, film, photograph or any other physical or digital medium (collectively, the “Recording”). b. Use my name, likeness, voice and biographical material in connection with the Recordings. c. Exhibit or distribute the Recording in whole or in part without restrictions or limitation for any legal purpose, including without limitation educational or promotional purposes, which Stetson, and those acting pursuant to its authority, deem appropriate. I further grant to Stetson the right to copyright the Recording in its own name and to publish, to market and to assign the Recording without further consideration, compensation or report to me. I hereby waive any right or interest that I may have in the Recording, including any right to inspect and/or approve the finished Recording or any use to which the Recording may be applied, so long as such use is lawful.

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