Valentine's Day- 2013

One dozen cupcakes, personalized card, ribbon wrapping & delivery is $50. Valentine's flavors are: Strawberry Champagne: Champagne cake, strawberry champagne buttercream & compote, edible gold dust The Eve: Walnut cake, pomegranate cheesecake buttercream, pomegranate glazed walnuts The Ebinger: Chocolate cake, chocolate custard buttercream, chocolate fudge glaze, chocolate cake crumbs Creme Brulee: Vanilla cake, vanilla custard buttercream, caramelized sugar Note that we can only attempt delivery once. Please make sure your intended recipient is indeed at work or at home- otherwise, we will attempt to leave the package with an office mate or neighbor. For additional information, visit Feel free to contact us at 917-509-6048 or if you have any questions.
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