ONE DAY ON EARTH AT IIT - Registration Form

Register here or at the door of the auditorium to watch the ONE DAY ON EARTH global screening at the MTCC Auditorium One Day on Earth started in September of 2008 with the goal of creating a unique worldwide media event where thousands of participantswould simultaneously film over a 24-hour period. Over 60 non-profit organizations participated and havecollectively created over 3000 hours of video. The United Nations is a social partner of the project and this April 22 there will be a global screening of the 2012 version of film in more than 80 countries and more than 500 venues (including our school). The event will be First-come, first-served with some RSVP for the Media, Special Guest and the people of this list

For more information about the movie visit or contact us at

Sponsored by LCA, SGA, UB, The IIT Community and the SAF

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