Andrews University Distance Student Grievance Form

This form provides students taking distance courses with a means to address grievances about services provided through Andrews University, Griggs International Academy, and the Andrews University Consortium. We can best improve when sufficient information is provided for careful consideration. Please fill in all required fields below. Information provided will be confidentially reviewed. Please note the procedures outlined for follow-up.
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A. Your Details

B. Nature of Complaint

C. Recommended Action Steps

1. Read the Right to Appeal/Grievance section of the AU Student Handbook at 2. Discuss the matter with your teacher, if appropriate. Use the contact information included in the course syllabus. 3. Contact the Administrative Assistant for the degree program you are completing. Their contact information can be found in the AU Bulletin, which can be searched online at 4. Feel free to call the School of Distance Education at 269-471-6570 or email for additional assistance.

D. Desired Outcome

E. Declaration

Grievance Procedure

Grievances shared through this form are reviewed within three business days. Steps to resolve the problem will be emailed to the email address included on the form, once a decision is made by the Andrews University School of Distance Education Management Committee. For further information, or assistance, contact Student Services at or 269-471-3432.

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