TGN XP Director Application

tgnXP is our new action network channel for tgn. If you make gameplay commentaries or montages for any shooter, fighting, or general action based game please apply with this form to become a director! **Please note: THIS IS NOT A YOUTUBE PARTNERSHIP! If that is what you want see ** What we're looking for: - High Quality Video, Audio, and Mic Quality is a MUST! - Entertaining, Educational, Awesome Content - Are you going to do a series, stick to it, and submit regularly in accordance with a schedule? - Do you have the ability to work with others and act professionally? How To Apply! Step One: Make sure your videos are good quality! Step Two: Sign up to TGN Social: Step Three: Subscribe to and put us in your channel box! Step Four: Fill out the form below! Step Five: Read the TGN Handbook: Once we review your application, and determine you qualify, we will conduct a formal interview via skype.
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