Are you hiring entry-level employees? ($100)

IDEO.ORG, a non-profit design firm, is looking for people in the Houston area who hire or have recently hired entry-level employees for their business. We would like to understand your experiences with hiring as part of our research study on employment experiences. We are setting up 1-1.5 hour in-person conversations for Mon, February 4 – Friday, February 8. We are offering an incentive of $100 for participants. Learn more information about us here: Please connect with us if. . . +You struggle to find and keep good workers +You have recently hired a new employee or let one go +You employ workers without specialized skillsets +You employ workers with criminal or other records +You have hired workers without college diplomas, with GEDs, or without High School diplomas +You have hired youth (ages 16 – 24) +You have strong feelings about hiring needs in your field If you are interested in our project please fill out the following survey. We'll be in touch soon if we feel you may be a fit with our study.
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