Emerging Leaders 2014

Maybe you have never held a formal leadership position, but would like to some day. Maybe you have been told that you are a great leader, but never explored your leadership style. Maybe you just want to find out more about leadership and have a chance to connect with other Hamline students....then this is the program for you! Emerging Leaders 2014 is designed for Hamline undergraduate students with an interest in leadership, but little formal leadership experience. Through the program, you will have the chance to: - Explore different leadership styles - Develop self confidence and self awareness - Build on interpersonal communication skills - Network with other future Hamline student leaders Whether you intend to become more involved in activities on campus, or you simply would like to develop leadership skills for the future, this program is an excellent “first step”.It’s a small commitment of time and I guarantee that not only will you learn something about your self and meet new people....you’ll have a great time doing it. Space is limited! Registration Deadline - January 18, 2013
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