American Lung Association in California Protect AB 32: Clean Air Saves Lives and Money

Please complete the form below to publicly join with the American Lung Association in California and other leading health organizations in California in our campaign to protect AB 32 and safeguard our children’s clean air future. Through this campaign, health and medical leaders are calling on California's elected officials to uphold California’s clean air laws by: 1. Promoting AB 32 and California’s leadership in setting strong clean air standards to transition California to a clean energy economy and protect public health. 2. Supporting California’s innovative and life-saving programs to implement AB 32 including: Advanced Clean Cars, Low Carbon Fuel Standard, SB 375 Sustainable Communities planning efforts and other key clean air programs. 3. Fighting efforts to weaken, delay or otherwise undermine California’s clean air and clean energy standards. California’s clean air laws have set us on path for a healthier future and we support them because all Californians deserve to breathe clean, healthy air. Please contact Jenny Bard ( with any questions. Thank you for your support for clean air.
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