Algebra and Geometry Vertical Team 2013

Where: The University of Central Arkansas, Department of Mathematics When: July 15-19; 24-26, October 5 and November 9, 2013 Who: Instructors will be Dr. Jean McGehee (UCA) & Cheryl Winberry (Greenbrier - Algebra, Calculus and Geometry teacher) What: True coherence and cooperation between middle school and high school mathematics teachers will be a crucial key to success with CCSS. This project will draw on those teachers to form teams that also include middle level teachers. The project will have a mathematical focus related to the following major mathematical ideas: Variables & Functions, Geometric Construction, Transformations, Reasoning and Proof. In additon to the four books from NCTM, the project will use the Professional Development courses developed by Dr. Linda Griffith and Aimee Evans through the Arkansas Department of Education. In addition to this material, we will also integrate the excellent Algebra I and Geometry materials from the past NCLB grants. Teacher teams will have some time each day for curricular planning. The professional development is funded by a U.S. Department of Education grant, Improving Teacher Quality, and was awarded to the Arkansas Department of Higher Education. Universities in the state competed for the funds to offer this geometry professional development. Teachers get: Ten days of professional development (8 in the summer; 2 in the fall); $250 in materials and books including Sketchpad software; $1,500 stipend for attending ALL 60 hours of PD; lunch every day. Fee: $200 for registration Summer housing may be available for an additional $75. Arrangements need to be made before June 30, 2013. Contact: For questions contact Dr. McGehee at 501-450-3425 or For registration, visit to find the registration form under Teacher Professional Development. All communications (workshop details, invoicing and receipts) will be sent electronically to the email you provide below. Please double check the email that you supply us.
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