One Million Stitches project

Thank you for wanting to participate -- this is going to be fun! (See the details here:

Here's how this is going to work... choose a project track (garment type), and you will be assigned to a group within that track. Each group of people/item will have its own box-of-knitted-item-in-progress traveling around from place to place. You will receive a sealed envelope with instructions, and the shipping info for the next person in line, so your personal information won't be posted to everyone.

When you receive the box, you'll have a certain number of days to contribute your stitches to the item and send it along to the next person. When you ship it, it would be nice if you would use a trackable method of shipping, and we'll give you a place to input those details -- there would be nothing more heartbreaking than one of these items going missing midway through! I'll try to group people by country in the shipping progression to minimize costs as much as possible.

If you happen to be the person in a binding-off position, run out of yarn, or otherwise have a problem, you'll short-circuit the box and send it back to me, where it will be reset and the FO will go into the "done" pile.

When all the FOs are done, we'll have an exhibition, and we'll publish a book about the project at my company Cooperative Press. We'll also likely do at least one article about the project in the new CP magazine Knit Edge!

Inside each box we'll also have a notebook where you can contribute a journal entry/make an art page/paste in a photo/say hello to the other knitters/etc. These will become part of the exhibition, too!

We'll have a dedicated thread going for this in the Cooperative Press Ravelry group, and we'll invite you there. If you're on Twitter (which is how I got this idea in the first place...wondering what would happen if my nearly 7000 followers all got together and did something with each other!), we'll use the hashtag #millionsts to talk about it there.

Still with me? Let's play!

with much love -- Shannon

p.s. the fine print: I'm not sure yet what we'll do with the FOs when it's all over. Maybe a traveling exhibition, maybe we'll auction some or all of the pieces off for charity...we'll talk about it as we go along. But by participating, you are saying it's ok for us to take photos of the FOs and journal books, etc. If you want to be anonymous in the project, that's fine, make a note of it in the comments section, but we will need your real shipping info in order to send the box to you. Can you imagine what Customs might do presented with one of these? Sigh! Also: I leave it to you if you want to include any surprises in the box for your next-person-in-line. Yay!

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