Be a part of the Science Discovery Teen Café

We want to start a program that brings teens together with scientists, engineers and inventors that they actually want to talk to! If you love hearing about the latest new discoveries in science but wish you could learn more than just what you read about them in the newspaper, then the Science Café is for you. Here's how it will work: you will tell us what you're interested in learning about (the search for extra-terrestrial life, computer hacking, alternative energy, do cell phones really cause cancer?) and we'll try to find someone who does research on that topic to come talk to you and other teens about that topic in a really informal (this is not supposed to be like school), hands-on way. And there will be free food! By signing up here, you'll be offering to let us contact you about being a part of the group of teens that gets together to help us determine the topics and run the actual cafes by introducing the speaker, setting up equipment, arranging food, and other stuff on the night of the presentation. Cafés will be once a month (on a school night) from January to June, and we're not asking for a big commitment--we know you guys have a lot going on. Signing up here will just mean that we send you an email in a few weeks to see if you want to come to an informational meeting where we can start talking about topics and how this thing is going to work. If you decide you don't want to be a leader, but might be interested in coming to one of the events, that's great, too! Just make a note of that on the form, below. And tell your friends what we're up to and encourage them to sign up, too. And the model for what we're starting here is the Café Scientifique New Mexico. You can learn more about the general program at their website:
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