ChiefDelphi - Sociological Survey

Hello, My name is Adam Garcia, and I am currently the Head of Machining of Team 4 ELEMENT. For my culminating English project, I want to take a closer and more intimate look at ChiefDelphi, a community where so many of us share common interests, passions, and goals. Your participation in this survey will give us the data we need to accurately analyze the ChiefDelphi community. Data from this survey will NOT be used for commercial purposes. At the end of the experimentation period, the results and final analysis will be posted on a website for everyone to view (usernames and any other identifying information will be kept confidential). Thank you for your participation.
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Very Common Very Rarely

Unsupportive Supportive

Very Negatively Very Positively

Being helpful towards others
Positive social interaction
Working together to achieve a positive goal
Trolling (the use of disruptive behavior to pester others)
Negative interaction/Arguing/Confrontations
Deceptive behavior/Lying
Insulting/Personal attacking of others

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