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Reservations must be made at least 1 week in advanced from check-out date and MUST have a return date.
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SVN channel 6 follows the guidelines and policies stated in the University of Houston Handbook, specifically policies 3.9, 3.16, and 3.18 of the Disciplinary Code. All equipment checked out from channel 6 is the sole responsibility of the individual taking equipment, who indicates acceptance and agreement of said policies by signing below. Any damages sustained to equipment will be recorded and the individual referred to the Dean of Students. All equipment is due back to Channel 6 on the scheduled return date and time, NO EXCEPTIONS. If the equipment is not returned at the proper time as indicated above, the individual/show responsible risks losing checkout privileges for future work.


I agree that all footage obtained using Channel 6 equipment will be used for a production to be aired on Channel 6. I understand and agree to the rules and regulations associated with the checkout of equipment from Channel 6. I also understand that to check out equipment I must be a certified producer and I take full responsibility for lost or damaged equipment. I acknowledge that an academic hold can be placed on my record until cost of repair or replacement cost has been paid.

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