Model Information Questionnaire

My photography is at the intersection of tease/fetish/glamour and inspired by pin-up. Most of my shooting is for gallery shows and for submission to erotic arts competitions (see for a list). I also work with models for content for their web sites or for pay sites. If we negotiate a trade arrangement, that will likely include a multi-year unrestricted usage license for you for our finished images. Most of my work involves either implied nudity or topless. This questionnaire is so that I can better understand your expectations and comfort level. We will review this information prior to our photoshoot and go over any questions or concerns you have. It is important that we each understand what the other wants from the photoshoot so both our needs are met and we can spend our time being creative and having a fun experience. If you haven't already, please look at my work on and my I keep my most current work there and you will get a good sense of my photographic style. If you do not have a modelmayhem account, just look at my gallery on Thank you! Curt @
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How good are you with your make-up?
How good are you with your hair?