Caregiver - Screening

Instructions: Do you care for the health of a family member? We are seeking feedback from family caregivers on a new remote patient monitoring system. Please fill out the questionnaire below, and If you meet our screening criteria, we will follow up for a 30 minute phone conversation. Phone conversation participants will be compensated with a $35 Amazon Gift Card. Background: We are building a remote patient monitoring system through which registered nurses conduct health consultations with patients over the phone. Patients are called every two weeks and each call lasts about 15 minutes. Prior to each call, nurses review notes about the patient, and on the call, nurses ask about patients’ current general health and symptoms. Based on their assessment, a nurse may recommend the patient see their physician in order to prevent more drastic forms of care like an ER visit. Nurses will handle the referral to the patient’s physician and include all notes associated with the patient As the caregiver, you will be notified if the patient needs to see a physician and you will also be given a monthly report about the patient’s overall health.
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