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At Jump Around Fun Zone we are proud of our commitment to the local community. We are devoted to promoting vitality and well-being in our surrounding neighborhoods by supporting local non-profit organizations. Typically, donations will be given as a pass or gift certificate. No cash donations will be made. The average donation is in the amount of $25-$50 so that we may include as many organizations as possible. If you have other needs please give us a call at 360-647-JUMP.
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Important Dates:

So we can serve as many organizations as possible, and to aid in our budgeting process please take note of the submission deadlines below: Donations for the months of January, February and March: Requests due by December 15th of the previous year Donations for the months of April, May and June: Requests are due by March 15th Donations for the months of July, August and September: Requests are due by June 15th Donations for the months of October, November and December are due by September 15th Thank you for your cooperation!

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