FEB Exchange 2013 Student Housing Questionnaire

STOP If you have not already done so please return to the New Student Housing webpage and complete your Housing Contract. THIS QUESTIONNAIRE IS ONLY FOR EXCHANGE STUDENTS ENTERING MIDDLEBURY COLLEGE IN FEBRUARY 2013. Transfer and First-Year students should complete the appropriate questionnaire at the appropriate time. Please return to the Undergraduate Housing/New Student Housing page for further information. The information provided on this questionnaire will be used to help match you with room and hall mates but there are no guarantees a "perfect fit" can be made. Please answer the questions honestly and without input from your parents or others. You may find it useful to first review the questionnaire in full before submitting your form so that you have time to reflect about your responses. Middlebury's Commons system provides an opportunity for the growth and development of our students. We strive to match students with similar living habits while encouraging communication and friendship among students with different backgrounds. We encourage all students to share their life's experiences with their fellow residents. All students are expected to be respectful and considerate to all members of the College Community. Every individual should be an asset to the community. USE THE TAB KEY, NOT THE ENTER KEY, AS YOU NAVIGATE THROUGH THIS QUESTIONNAIRE. *Indicates a required field.
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Any additional information you would like to offer:

Please use the space below to tell us anything that might be helpful in matching you with a roommate or to indicate any special needs or concerns. Additionally if you need to request special housing accommodations (due to disabilities, medical or psychological conditions, etc.), please indicate this need in the space below. You will also need to contact the Americans with Disabilities Act office with supporting documentation, http://www.middlebury.edu/studentlife/doc/ada. Please note that Middlebury College cannot honor requests for specific roommate, nor can we honor requests for special housing assignments based on religious or cultural practices. If you would like to speak with someone about your situation, please contact the Residential Systems Coordinator, Karin Hall-Kolts at (802) 443-3301 or via email at khall@middlebury.edu. Whenever possible it is best if a student, rather than a parent, initiates the communication. The information provided in this section will only be shared with other College officials if assistance is needed in addressing a student's concern/request.

You will be notified by the last week of January of your commons, room and room/suitemate assignments. Please do not inquire about those details before that time. Parents should also refrain from inquiring about housing.

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