rCraftGaming's Master's League KotH Signup Sheet

Overall rules: YOU MUST BE IN THE BATTLE.NET CHANNEL rCraftGaming AT THE TIME OF YOUR GAME TO PLAY This is a best of one King of the Hill tournament. Losers may choose to stay after they are defeated, to be placed at the end of the playlist with a chance to play again, however, new signups (people who haven't played yet) are given priority in the playlist. Prizes will be given to players who get win streaks. Prizes and goals TBD and will be provided by tweakedaudio.com, doghousesystems.com and rCraftGaming.com. Challenger picks the map. Wins can carry over (as long as a streak is not broken - priority in the playlist will be given to a king from the previous week, allow him to jump in versus the current king, or allow him to go first if he returns and is on time). Map Pool is any 1v1 Ladder Map, popular tournament maps, or custom ladder style maps if agreed on by both players. No cheating. Stream cheaters or smurfs will be permanently banned from all rCraftGaming events. No racism/hate speech. Anything too offensive will get you banned for anywhere in between one event to the heat death of the universe. No email = no prizes. We need your email as a sure fire way to contact you to send your prizes. rCraftGaming will not do anything with your email aside from contact you about your winnings.
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