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Future Babycastles

This is our second anniversary, and the start of another fun year, after two amazing years in New York City. The latest Babycastles exhibition, QWOP THE SCREEN, was so inspiring that we are committing to keep this kind of thing happen in a long term and sustainable way. For this next year - we have a new initiative - Babycastles wants to help build independent games exhibitions all over the city in every imaginable space, with no bounds. To do that, we need some help! We are relying on everyone to join in, working on curating, setting up, building, fundraising for, cooking for, and finding venues for game exhibitions everywhere, and to invent all the new magic as the project grows.

Join a Project

If you just want to get involved for a short period of time and play, maybe consider any single one of these things we are currently working on, and be a part of it and make it happen, as soon as you want to. These are all active projects, and you can get started right away and probably do a lot in very little time. These all rely on people like you kinda helping them carry it all out, so we all thank you for taking some time to participate!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ OR JOIN A TEAM

We're a small litter of people right now, but we're looking to get as many of you as are willing to join in, either for something specific, or in the long term. Babycastles is a volunteer organization right now, but we're really open to expanding in whatever way is right - Right now, some projects bring a little income, some projects are purely voluntary, and we're working on some ideas to bring a larger income available to Babycastles in the future, and can all decide together how that would be distributed. Here are the different kinds of teams we have at Babycastles. You are welcome to be a part of anything in any way regardless of your team. But just check everything you're interested in actively doing, and that will help us introduce you to the right people!

Baby castles

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