Published and Distributed by the Amateur Softball Association • USA Softball The examination consists of a series of questions covering Rules and Mechanics of the 2014 ASA Official Rule Book. Questions are true or false and multiple choice. Answers should be put on the answer sheet and returned to the grader or test committee. THE ANSWER SHEET SHOULD NOT BE RETURNED TO THE ASA NATIONAL OFFICE. The abbreviations used in the questions follow the following: B (N) = Batter; R1 = runner closest to home; R2 is the succeeding runner; R3 is the runner on first base when the bases are full; S (N) = substitutes; CR (N) = courtesy runner(s); PC (N) = physically challenged player; and F (N) = fielder by number. F1 is pitcher; F2 is catcher; F3 is first baseman; F4 is second baseman; F5 is third baseman; F6 is shortstop; F7 is left fielder; F8 is center fielder; and F9 is right fielder. If F10 is used it would be the extra fielder in the slow pitch game.
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