University Honors Program Application

The University Honors Program at the University of the Arts is intended to provide academically exceptional and creatively gifted students with a rigorous and enriching intellectual and artistic experience while pursuing their undergraduate degree. The University Honors Program will provide an opportunity for students to be a part of a community of Honors Scholars with a high level of commitment to investigating the role of the performing, visual and writing arts in contemporary life. Coursework leading to the fulfillment of the University Honors Program will challenge Honors Scholars to expand the limits of their intellect, artistry, and imagination. REQUIREMENTS Students must maintain a 3.75 cumulative grade point average in order to continue in the Honors Program. Transfer students are eligible to apply to be Honors Scholars following the completion of their first semester at the University. PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS 15 credits of Honors Course Work while maintaining a 3.75 cumulative grade point average o One Gateway Course – Honors section of First-Year Writing Seminar II or, Texts and Contexts (Humanities Seminar) o One course in the Honors Scholar’s discipline or major with an Honors Enhancement o One course in Liberal Arts with an Honors Enhancement o One course in a discipline or major outside the Honor Scholars field with an Honors Enrichment o Two Semesters of the Honors Thesis Tutorial and Colloquium In addition to the Honors coursework, Honors Scholars must also complete a minimum of 15 hours of community service each of five semesters a total of 75 hours to complete the University Honors Program requirements. Honors Scholars must also participate in one field experience related to their major through practical professional experiences like internships, apprenticeships, and alumni shadowing. While not required, Honors Scholars are strongly encouraged to take advantage of opportunities to study internationally in order to broaden the scope of their understanding of their field of study. Scholars can accomplish this through a study abroad semester or other short-term travel experiences and courses.
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The University’s mission makes the assertion that “The arts have the power to transform society. They play an essential role in ensuring and enhancing the quality of life.” Choose ONE of the following prompts and write a response using 800-1200 words.

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