Authorization/Declination for Optional TEM Certification Exams

If you are on financial aid and wish to take a certification exam, you MUST complete this form for financial aid to pay the exam fee. If you are not on financial aid but wish to pay for the certification offered with the course, you also must complete this form (may be available at a significant discount). The cost of the certification will be added to your tuition as a course fee. Failure to show for your scheduled time in the BPCC Testing Center (D-203) will result in a loss of points in your course and possibly the voucher for the certification. For A & C session classes, the last day to modify your test time is May 5, 2014 For B session classes, the last day to modify your test time is March 3, 2014. The last day that financial aid is guaranteed to cover the costs of your certifications for the following sessions: Session A & B January 31, 2014| Session C March 21, 2014. If a financial aid recipient begins attendance in class, but resigns or stops attending all classes before completing more than 60% of the semester, he/she will owe money to financial aid and BPCC. For more information regarding certification exams required by the Division of Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics please visit *Required
* Required

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