/r/anime Music Poll

The purpose of this poll is to get a general idea of /r/anime's favorite soundtracks, OPs, and EDs. There are two categories: soundtracks, and OPs and EDs. For the purposes of this poll, insert songs are counted in the OPs and EDs category, and none of the above count as part of the soundtrack. You may vote for up to seven shows or songs for both categories, because I like the number seven. You are not required to use all seven submissions, it is simply an option. For soundtracks, simply enter the title of the show. I will attempt to decipher any acronyms, nicknames, translations, and misspellings, though I cannot guarantee that I will get everything. For OPs and EDs, these options are valid: "Reflectia" "Smoky Thrill" "Dantalian no Shoka OP" This would make me mad: "AKB0048" - OP or ED? "Toaru Kagaku no Railgun OP" - Only my railgun, LEVEL 5 -judgelight-, or future gazer?
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