Trefoil Academy Presents Hogwarts: The Summer Session 2013

If you will be under the age of 18 at the time of the Summer Session, please do not complete this form. July 11, 2013 - Leadership Staff Arrive July 12, 2013 - All Staff Arrive July 14, 2013 - Students only will be arriving Departure is set for July 20th.
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Job Area & Assignment Preferences

Note for returning counselors - please read before completing: Summer Session 2013 will be the academy's fifth year anniversary. It is because of your dedication, perseverance, and altruistic spirit we have made it this far. We are internationally known for our passion and enthusiasm. It is the life blood of our academy. A person's interests and passions can change drastically in the course of five years though. Please do not worry about what is needed for camp operations. Likewise, please do not be afraid to request something because someone else has traditionally done that role. Besides collecting 2013 preferences, this survey is also providing an assessment of everyone's interests and long term goals. This is being done for camp longevity purposes, and your effort in making this assessment accurate is greatly appreciated. Thank you for being willing to take the plunge once more. NEW POSITION: Dining Hall Manager Description Reports to: Head Chef, Sous Chef * managing the set up each meal (cleaning of dining cloth, putting out staff reserved cards & updating seating board, decorating the tables for Sorting, Quidditch vs Quadpot night, and final banquet, aid the House Captains in decorating the tables their night) * managing the flow of breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert (calling up, transition of servers/training of servers, scheduling entertainment). * needs to balance staying on schedule with everyone getting enough food. This is a health/morale/legal concern. * serves as the point person for questions on behalf of the kitchen for the rest of camp. * coordinate with the DOD station to make sure camp and the kitchen are in sync for the meals * fulfill any other duties as necessary that may arise Ideally, the meal manager will have no other official job assignment. They may float, see and participate in the rest of the camp between their duties. The meal manager may find a substitute if there is an activity the meal manager wishes to be a part of. Re-charging is also important.

Pre-Camp Opportunities

Some of these roles will carry into when camp is live and are marked with a "*".

Sunday (Arrival Day)

Arrival Day Schedule: Staff breakfast Last minute prep for arrival Camp goes live - 8:30 am sharp Diagon & Knockturn Alley Camp Director Welcome Speech Sorting Ceremony/Welcome Banquet New Student Orientation Tour (staff receive a map and the descriptions of what needs to be said) House bonding time Kapers (Camp chores) Dinner Evening Activity Bedtime Staff Meeting

A Typical Camp Day Schedule

The campers arrive on a Sunday and depart on a Saturday. Below collects your preferences concerning the different activities. On a typical day (Monday-Thursday), the schedule consists of three periods in the morning and three periods in the afternoon. Breakfast Period 1: Elective A or Elective B Period 2: Core Class Period 3: Core Class Lunch Kapers Free-time Period 4: Core Class Period 5: Core Class Gathering: (All staff reports to the house gardens for interrogations. Campers may come up to any individual and interrogate your character.) Period 6: Core Class Dinner Evening Activity Staff Meeting (ends at 11 pm)

Electives (Monday - Thursday)

There are two elective days (A & B) which alternate Monday - Thursday. Elective sizes are usually about 20 girls whose ages can range from 8 to 17 years old. However, some electives such as Quidditch and Dueling Club have different min and max requirements. Staff members work as team in an elective with one staff member serving as the leader for that elective. The leader is responsible for making sure the elective is designed, supplies have been gathered and the team members know what to do.

Core Classes (Monday - Thursday)

A core class is assigned two professors, who will alternate leading that class. When one professor is teaching, the other professor is either on break or is floating. Each professor is responsible for coming up with the activity involving that core class's subject. You may have two separate activities or a total of a 2 hr activity that spans over two days in which both professors know how to lead both part 1 and part 2. The result is that a professor will teach their activity 2-3 times per day and only see each group once. The class size is 10 students.

Evening Activities (Sunday - Thursday)

Friday (Last Full Day)

Friday's schedule consists of a make up core class in the morning rather than an elective. The camp then goes into adventure mode. The 3rd, 4th, & 5th year students get to experience two advance classes. The class sizes are usually about 6-8 people. The 1st & 2nd year students help collapse the castle and move supplies to M4. Afterwards, our exhausted 1st & 2nd year students are given a low energy activity for the third period of the morning. In the afternoon, we have an academy wide clean up and finish shutting down. While the Great Hall is being prepped for the final banquet, the students have the option of cheering on their house teams in the Quidditch & Quadpot tournament. Or, the students can choose to play games or participate in a role-play adventure. Last Full Day Schedule: Breakfast Period 1: Make up Class Period 2: Morning Adventure #1 (advance class or shut down of the academy) Period 3: Morning Adventure #2 (advance class or low energy activity for the 1st and 2nd years) Lunch Kapers Shut down/Free time Quidditch Tournament or alternate activities Quadpot Tournament or alternate activities Final Banquet Slideshow/Wizard Wrock Dance Party Evening Activity Part 1: High energy Evening Activity Part 2: Movie Marathon

Saturday (Departure Day)

Departure Day Schedule: Breakfast with evaluations Great House Elf Race (Camp wide kapers) Check-out station opens until all campers have left Final clean up by the staff and any remaining move out occurs "WE SURVIVED!" dinner in Roanoke


More details about the mystery will be coming separately. The rough premise is that Trefoil Academy is hot on the heels of Garnet Itzel and her Blood Heralds. Following her back in time to the year that Harry Potter first attended Hogwarts, the students not only have to thwart her meddling, the students will need to try to find a way back to the present.

Leadership Opportunities

About You

Save-The-Date Trainings

* Summer Session All Staff Training Part 1 April 20, 2013 (9 am - 5:30 pm) Fee: Included Location: Ash's house in Blacksburg, VA About: You will get your 2013 staff manual and learn how to be a counselor. * Summer Session Staff Retreat Date: TBD (Weekend long) Fee: Included Location: Icimani in Roanoke, VA About: Strongly encourage. This is a chance to bond and learn to work with your new house and the rest of the academy before the campers get there. *Adult, Child & Infant CPR with First Aid (Level 2) Date: TBD (Saturday or Sunday) (9 am - 5:30 pm) Location: Ash's house in Blacksburg, VA * Summer Session All Staff Training Part 2 June 8, 2013 (9 am - 5:30 pm) Location: Ash's house in Blacksburg, VA About: You will get your 2013 program survival guide. We review what to expect on a day to day basis as well as review the mystery.

Thank you!!!

I know this preference survey is long but the information you provided will help us out so much. Thank you for taking the time to complete it and thank you for volunteering to help us turn 100 girls' dreams into a reality! Warmest regards, Ash

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