2012 SENO Social Venture Accelerator: Online Application

Please note that the suggested character limit is an approximate guideline, and your application will not be penalized if you are under or over the suggested character limit. We also recommend that you draft your essay responses offline and copy and paste your answers into this online form when you are ready to submit your application to avoid potential loss of information. All applications must be submitted here online. Feedback Deadline: March 16th, 2012, 5:00pm Application Deadline: March 30th, 2012, 5:00pm Selection Criteria: The ideal candidate is a high-potential early-stage social entrepreneur who has needs in specific areas and is interested in external assistance to accelerate his/her venture. We select social entrepreneurs based on three main criteria: 1. Entrepreneurial/leadership qualities • Demonstrated leadership potential • Demonstrated ability to overcome obstacles and deal with ambiguity • Demonstrated ability to “get things done” • Strong passion and commitment for the program area in which they plan to work • 100% commitment to the social venture • Practical skills, including problem-solving, strategic and organizational abilities • Personal integrity 2. Plans for organizational sustainability • Viable and well-researched plan for financial sustainability and growth 3. Innovation/potential for significant social impact in an area of high need • Clear and compelling problem definition • Seriousness of the social problem to be addressed • Sound strategy and plan for program development and delivery • Plan for evaluating success and performance • Innovative idea and approach • Potential for tangible impact to the beneficiary population • Potential for solving the identified problem at scale (locally, nationally, or internationally) • Potential for effecting systemic change (e.g., policy change, societal change, influence in the field) If you have any questions about filling out this online form, please contact SENO at info@seno-nola.org.
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