YDDA Commerce Conditions Survey

The following questions provide an opportunity for you to tell us about your business and your business assistance needs. Whether you are a longstanding member of the business community, or a recent start up business, you have business needs. We want to revitalize our districts with your needs in mind. It is a confidential survey, so please feel free to be direct. We will have the survey results analyzed and use the information to help support local businesses and achieve long term development goals. *Note: The 'DDA District' refers to the area of Ypsilanti that includes Downtown, Depot Town, and West Cross (College Town). For a more detailed look at the area, a map is available at http://www.ypsilantidda.org/about_dda

Conflict with building owner or tenant
Difficulty recruiting or retaining employees
Expensive or unavailable products
Expensive or unavailable utilities
Expensive employee wages or benefits
Expensive rent
Expensive shipping or transportation
Insufficient financing
Insufficient parking
In-town competition
Out-of-town cometition
Language Barriers
Poor building condition
Restrictive business regulations
Shoplifting or theft
Unskilled workers

Business planning
Financial management
Inventory management
Advertising or marketing
Employee hiring or training
Customer service or hospitality
Window displays or interior store design
Business market analysis
Internet or E-commerce
Transfer of ownership or selling a business

Free design assistance
Free business assistance
Networking events
Group business training
Workforce development
Cooperative insurance program
Business expos or trade shows
Cooperative advertising coordination
Advertising or marketing of district as a shopping destination
Low interest business loan program
Low interest building improvement loan program
Facade grant
Landlord-tenant or seller-buyer referral network
Information sharing (newsletters, flyers, business fact sheets)
Downtown public improvement projects
Business resource library or consultant referrals
Downtown business directory
Web site or internet resources
Individual business training
Business visitation program
Analysis and reporting of downtown market/economy
Retail event coordination
Special event coordination
Boilerplate lease agreements or rent subsidies
Arbitration service
Business planning service
Buying groups

Local police protection is outstanding
I feel safe in the District, even at night
Local fire protection is outstanding
Local waste management service is outstanding
Local municipal services are well worth the level of local taxation
I always try to buy products and services locally
I always direct customers to other local businesses
I seek ways to cooperate with complementary local businesses
The existing business mix helps my business
My window and store displays help my business
My advertising helps my business
My business is open when customers want to shop
Housing for my employees is readily available
Childcare for employees is readily available
The DDA District is an excellent place to have a business

10 or more


Your location
Your parking
Your hours
Your service
Your name brands
Your quality
Your selection
Your price

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