GW2 Veterans Of The Mists Signup/Census

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Some Important info please read

Check your status at least once a week. This is very important I don't want to kick or demote active people! New members are required to guest to Crystal Desert for Guild missions. The Guild is mainly situated on Crystal Desert and Tarnish Coast and you will only receive buffs on these servers however we accept people on any server. Please use the event website both for creating and joining events this makes it easy for everyone doing events. ( Please accept your invite ASAP. Guild Rules: While most things go in guild chat please be respectful to everyone. If you join an event respect the person who is leading the event, what they says goes and if you don't like how they run it then talk to a leader/officer about it, don't shout at them. Keep mumble a friendly place respect other users and give everyone a equal chance to speak. Not getting kicked: Repping us most of the time, although we don't require 100% rep please rep as much as you can. Making yourself known in a good way, getting on mumble, joining events ect. Let us know if you are going away for a long period of time so we don't kick you, and if you do get kicked you can always ask for a reinvite. Any Questions pm a Leader or Officer.