Duffy's Cut Support Petition

Duffy’s Cut is the story of fifty seven Irish Men who lost their lives in 1832 building mile 59 of the Philadelphia to Columbia railroad. Forty seven of these men had arrived in the country just six weeks before they died. To date seven men have been found and each of the seven were murdered in cold blood. We know where the other fifty men are buried and it is in a mass grave on Amtrak property. We are working with Amtrak to recover the other fifty men and we need your help. This petition is to signify your belief that these men did not die in vain and that their sacrifice will not go unrecognized. In signing this petition I do so to show my support for the men from Duffy’s Cut. I do so to affirm my belief that the 50 remaining men should be recovered and that their story should be told. I do so to say that I believe we are all equal and that even in death we deserve to be treated with dignity and our sacrifices not be forgotten. Together we can make a better world. Current Count 2883 x Signatures (3/2/12)
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