2012-2013 AFFIRM Program Planning Survey

In order to plan the best monthly events for the next AFFIRM year (September 2011 to June 2012) we are solicting your feedback. Please take a moment to check off the topics that would interest you most.
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1. Mobility: 100% mobility? Can we really get there?
2. Acquisition: time for procurement reform 2?
3. Hill speakers: View of IT from Congress.
4. Big Data
5. Review on non-performing IT programs: Learn from what is not working.
6. Shared Services Not just ITs problem: CFO and acquisition views.
7. Organizational culture/change management: Problem is not the technology, it's the culture.
8. How does a CIO/PM find the creative ideas: internal and vendors
9. Mythbuster Part 2: OMB/OFPP - CO/COTR roles outside the beltway
10. Consolidation: Consequences and limitations.

1. How much are we saving? How do I know?
2. Business cases for cloud
3. How to buy Cloud - the CO point of view.
4. Application transformation: Using the cloud to modernize
5. How do we re-compete cloud in 5 years: Lock in?

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