Welcome to the 2 Bucks Entertainment job application form. We have several openings right now and we're looking to hire some contractors. You'll be working closely with a great team of competent individuals as well as me, 2 Bucks. Expect to do some challenging, rewarding work and be paid for your efforts. We are currently looking for... -Native speakers of non-English languages... -Who MUST BE fluent in English. Please fill answer truthfully since I will be asking for proof should you be hired.
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Language Test

Please link a video/audio clip (uploaded to YouTube) of yourself saying the following quote in the language(s) listed above and then again in English... 'When I upload, I'll gladly link your channel, the original video, any websites/links you request, and credit you for its creation to get you more views and traffic. I'll also give the video a different title to ensure that your original upload continues to receive all the search views.'

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