Opt-out of your SketchUp related data being shared with Trimble

If you do not agree to Google assigning its rights and obligations under the SketchUp and/or SketchUp Pro license to Trimble you must cease all use of SketchUp under your license before the Closing Date. By completing this form you are then opting-out of your SketchUp Pro related data (e.g. information you provided when signing up for SketchUp Pro) being shared with Trimble. For all 3D Warehouse and SketchUp users, if you would like to remove your models from the 3D Warehouse before the Closing Date, you must do so on the 3D Warehouse My Models Page. Models that are not deleted by the model owners will continue to remain in the 3D Warehouse after the Closing Date and will be subject to new legal and privacy terms. If you would like to unsubscribe from all SketchUp emails, please click on the link below https://sketchup.mail.zingstudios.com/mail/unsubscribe.php All information below refers to the information you provided when purchasing SketchUp Pro.
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