Class Absence Request

Instructions: Meet with instructor/professor as early as possible and discuss your desire to attend the specific club event. Ask if there is any way to have your absence from class excused and if it is possible to make up any missed work. If instructor/professor requests proof of your involvement in the club and/or your participation in the upcoming event, you may submit this Class Absence Request form to obtain an official letter from the Club Sports Program. Submit all pertinent information and a roster for all traveling participants at least ONE WEEK prior to the departure date so members will have enough time to talk to their professors. The Program Coordinator of Club Sports will email the president with a pdf of a letter. Copies of the Class Absence emailed. The letter simply confirms your membership in your club and the event listed. Your instructor/professor is under no obligation to excuse you. This decision is one of the instructors; if they say no, it is your responsibility to choose whether or not to miss class/homework. This letter is simply a request, the University DOES NOT require faculty to excuse you for Club Sport Events. *indicates required answer
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