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As with previous years, the ASA this year had recruitment rules that, in short, forbade ASA-recognized groups from recruiting during the three weeks leading up to the ASA Midway. (The full recruitment rules, along with some potential updates for next year, are at As with the last several years, this year we revised the rules to try to make them clearer and easier to both understand and enforce. We would like to get feedback from groups about these rules while moratorium is still (relatively) fresh in your minds. Please fill out as much or as little as you want.

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People occasionally suggest we eliminate the recruitment rules entirely, and let groups recruit whenever and however they wish. We've historically resisted these suggestions, for a variety of reasons, such as: * Incoming students tend to be very busy during Orientation. Huge amounts of student group recruiting might overwhelm them, or unduly distract them picking and settling into their new dorm, learning how MIT works, etc.. Forcing groups to do recruitment a week later may spread out the excitement of the start of term without substantially reducing the enjoyment or value of any part of it. * Limited availability of early returns: The ASA had only 20 early returns to distribute among about 400 recognized student groups this year. We don't have nearly enough early returns to allow each group to have people back on campus when recruiting would tend to start up. * Availability of students to help with recruitment: Many students are busy for most of the summer. Many groups, particularly smaller or more casual ones, might be unable to find people willing to go back to campus early to run their recruitment, even if early returns were a non-issue. Those who do come back often need to concentrate on dormitory REX, Orientation, or FSILG work week responsibilities. * Fairness between groups: by having the recruitment period start with an ASA-organized event, we help ensure that groups big and small have a relatively even playing field to recruit more members. We'd like to get feedback on how necessary groups think the rules are

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