Fall 2014-Spring 2015 Freshman Learning Community (FLC) Application

Once started, you must complete the entire application within 30 minutes. This application will not be saved prior to hitting submit on the final page. If you leave this application and return, you will have to start a new application. Additionally, this application can only be active for 30 minutes, after that point a second application must be submitted. **Students who were admitted to FAU through the Gateway program are NOT eligible to join FAU's Learning Community program. In addition, students who have prior credit for a college level student success course will NOT be able to join FAU's Learning Commmunity program.** **Students who are majoring in Architecture and in Music are NOT eligible to join FAU's Learning Community program.** Application Requirements* In addition to this application, you must complete the following: •University Tuition Deposit (in the amount of $200 to the Cashiers Office) •Students must be attending classes at the BOCA RATON campus for FALL! •All Administrative Holds must be cleared before you can be registered for courses. This includes immunization, admission, international student, accounts payable holds, etc. •Register for Orientation (Visit www.fau.edu/orientation) Orientation Dates for Summer Students: May 21-22, May 29-30, June 2-3, June 5-6, June 9-10, June 13-14, June 16-17, and June 19-20. Orientation Dates for Fall Students: April 24-25, May 21-22, May 29-30, June 2-3, June 5-6, June 9-10, June 13-14, June 16-17, June 25-26, July 9-10, July 14-15, July 18-19, July 22-23, July 28-29, and July 31-August 1. **If you already registered for classes, the classes you registered for will be dropped and someone from the CLASS Office will register you for the Learning Community Classes. •All incoming first-year students must complete OARS. In April, students will receive an e-mail from Freshman Academic Advising outlining the FAU Online Advising & Resource System (OARS). Learning Communtiy Participants will be given specific instructions at that time in regards to completing OARS. •All Students needing a Math Course for Fall must take the ALEKS Math Placement Test. Your placement score will not be valid if you take the test before April 1. Visit: www.fau.edu/mathplacement. ALEKS must be completed before students in Science, Business, Nursing or Engineering programs will be registered for classes. Please note that the CLASS office automatically registers you for classes once you have been formally accepted in the Learning Community Program. If for ANY reason you decide not to attend FAU for the Fall semester, you MUST contact the CLASS Office IN WRITING to stay@fau.edu, to officially withdraw you from the Learning Community program and your Learning Community course schedule. In addition you MUST contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions (561.297.3040) to see what needs to be completed to withdraw your application/acceptance. If you are living on-campus, you MUST also contact the Department of Housing and Residential Life (561.297.2880) to see what needs to be completed to cancel your housing application/contract.
* Required