What does the Minecraft Community on Reddit Actually Want?

The Minecraft subreddit front page keeps getting flooded with posts along the lines of "We need better Oceans!, JEB ADD NAOW", "1.6 should add more mobs and I am going to say what they should be because I'm clearly better at game design than Mojang", "I want a second Adventure Update, UPJEBZ TO THE LEFT IF U AGREE", and so on. This is getting very irritating, partly because the ideas are usually deeply stupid or impractical to implement, but mostly because it's clear that Mojang can't add everything people are asking for, so they might as well add what they want. The only times Mojang has accepted ideas from the community is A, if Jeb or Dinnerbone like the idea personally, or B, if it's a very clear majority of the Minecraft community asking for it. It is for this reason I have created this survey, so we can try and create a semi-objective measure of what most of the community, rather than just successive vocal minorities, actually want Mojang to focus on in the next few updates. You can vote for your top three priorities, with your first being weighed more heavily than your secondly, and both more heavily than the third. No, not every possible option is on here, but these are the categories I hear about most often. Please don't try and skew the vote; it's just childish and really unhelpful. Have a little community spirit, what with it being Xmas and so on.
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