2013 College Comedy Festival Submission

The 2013 College Comedy Festival is just around the corner! Our action packed weekend, including the Beanpot Competition will be Thursday FEBRUARY 21 - Sunday FEBRUARY 24. Look out for a detailed email with more information about the weekend soon (the shows, the competition, the workshop, THE FUN... you know). In the meantime, if you are interested in performing and taking part in the 2013 College Comedy Festival at ImprovBoston please FILL OUT THIS AWESOME FORM. SUBMISSION DEADLINE (this form): Friday NOVEMBER 16 by MIDNIGHT. Eastern Standard TIME! Once we have received all submissions, the REGISTRATION LINK will be sent out Tuesday, November 20th. EARLY REGISTRATION ($30 per person) OPEN: Tuesday, November 20th - Wednesday, December 5th by MIDNIGHT STANDARD REGISTRATION ($45 per person) OPEN: Thursday, December 5th - Saturday, January 5th by MIDNIGHT Questions / Comments / Concerns? email collegecomedy@improvboston.com Thanks! PS - If you are no longer the primary contact for your group - please let us know who is! PPS - If you know of AWESOME College Groups that you haven't seen in a while - let us know who they are! We want everyone here!
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