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The UFG Internship is a one month or longer volunteer experience. We are looking for self motivated individuals who are eager to engage in the UFG mission to help establish sustainable communities in the most difficult places on earth. This is an intense and deeply creative experience that will challenge you entrepreneurially to create and establish sustainable processes, technologies, and create & launch thriving economic forces that will empower blighted inner-city communities. The Lykins Neighborhood is our living canvas. In this internship we will be learning how to facilitate change from the ground up. We will be creating opportunities from scratch, engaging the local community, and building a future and infrastructure for the next generation to thrive. We will be facing real problems head on rather than theory. Together we will be creating jobs, providing affordable access to healthy food, establishing alternate water and energy sources, mentoring urban youth, empowering the globe with knowledge, and building a strong sense of community among the native population. In this internship we will form a team that will work together and experience the challenges of community and grow in the much needed skills of interdependence. 6 month will be eligible to apply for Paid UFG Apprenticeship. By Year 3 if your are still here and so desire, we will send you out with resources and a dynamic team of individuals empowered to make change in any village/neighborhood on the planet as friends of UFG. Apprentices may also choose to be apart of our "Apprenticeship to Ownership" program in which we match their pay with land credits and resource credits , until we are able to deed them over a high production urban farm lot.

Who Should Apply

This project should only be considered by highly motivated individuals with a strong desire and initiative to engage in UFG's mission. Someone who understands that the work we do is for a much greater purpose than for our own self-gratification, indulgence, or agenda. This requires a level of maturity in the participant that allows them to remain not only aligned with the vision, but also to remain motivated in this work.

Two ways to apply

You have two options in how you can apply to participate: General Internship or Focused Project. You may desire to participate in our general internship working alongside as we engage in the following priorities of our work: Infrastructure Development, Agriculture Development, Economic Creation, Sustainable Technology & Alternate Energy Development, Open Source Documentation, & Community Engagement. This will very creative and comprehensive. Our goal is to challenge you, give you a wide variety of experiences, while also helping you find your niche and partnering with you to contribute something unique to the project that you will enjoy. If this is the route you would like to go, just fill out the form below. It is going to be a blast! At the end of each month, progress is reviewed and if the results are working well for both sides the participant may continue. For those who want to continue for longer than 1 month, our desire is to help you form an economically sustainable situation, as your stay lengthens we will be looking for ways to employ you to help you make it possible for longer sustainable partnership. We will be plugging all of our 2nd year interns into our paid apprenticeship. Focused Project application: You may have an idea that will help us change the world, or you want to take lead on one of our projects. If your project is a fit, we will be glad to help partner in the success of this project and provide the space, synergy, motivated people, resources, and media to succeed. To apply for a Project focused stay you will fill out the same form below and attach a proposal for a specialized and focused project. You will need to include a project budget, goals and your procedures to crowd fund your project proposal if needed. At the end of each month, progress is reviewed and if the results are satisfactory for both sides the participant may continue by drawing up a new proposal for the next month (continued involvement) including goals, budgets, and procedures for acquiring necessary project resources.

Sharing Knowledge

It is a huge value of ours to empower the world with shared knowledge. Participants will be required to document and contribute their projects to an open source knowledge-base wiki so that our work can be reproduced to empower and freely distribute economic power and opportunity across the globe.


Accommodations that we will cover will include room, shower, bathrooms, & Kitchen. Participants will need to demonstrate their plan and ability to maintain their own livelihood, and other expenses during their stay. In the first 6 months Participants will be required to cover their own food, expenses and personal expenses. After 6 months interns will be eligible to apply for our paid apprenticeship.

Time Expectations

Interns will be required to volunteer 30 hours/ week in the context of the UFG mission. The general Internship will involve a wide variety of experiences as relating to the mission, and give optimum opportunity to engage in activities, dialog and real life educational experiences surrounding the mission. Project based internships will be more project specific and also require at least 30 hours per week. This internship should deeply inspire and equip. Get excited because it will be all together awesome, We are going to have a lot of fun too. There will also be many opportunities for individuals with leadership abilities to spearhead very important projects that will have a deep and lasting impact to the world. We will do our very best to position you for maximum growth and fulfillment in your time with us.

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