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Mission Statement: To improve health and wealth of 8.4 million people throughout the world by completing the e84 Challenge. Culture: We believe a primary product of any company is the culture and corporate philosophy. Our culture starts at the top through our spirit of partnership, mentorship and a focus on alignment of interest. At all times we keep the corporate initiative aligned with the field through our Leadership Council where leaders have the ability to put their fingerprint on each company initiative. Vision: We envision expanding the e84 Challenge to one hundred countries in the next ten years and having people complete 8.4 million e84 Challenges. Company Performance: • 2009: Launched US and Canada with our Enhanced Archaea Active water and gel. • 2010: $12M+ Consolidated Gross Revenues; International Expansion: Canada, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Chile, Peru and Columbia. • 2011: $20M *Consolidated Evolv and cPRIME Gross Revenues • 2012: 250%-300% year over year growth *projected based on current momentum. International Expansion: Continue expansion into Latin Americas.