Small Concert Initiative Application

SCI NO LONGER TAKING APPLICATIONS FOR THE 2014-2015 SCHOOL YEAR! KEEP EM COMING FOR NEXT FALL THOUGH <3 The Small Concert Initiative is a program designed and run by the Activities Board to allow students and student organizations to access funding to bring small concerts of their choosing to Middlebury College. Each proposal can request up to $2,000 from this fund. Final allocation amounts will be dependent upon the expected attendance and venue size. Please note that a maximum of $2,000 will be allocated per event (this includes facilities fees, marketing, and all artists performing). Please read and fill out this application carefully, then follow instructions to submit it to the Activities Board Concerts Committee. This form must be completed AT LEAST FOUR WEEKS before the proposed concert date. For questions, please e-mail and cc and
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Step One: The Artist

Once you have an artist in mind, email their North American booking agent (found on their website) saying that you are interested in the availability of the band coming to Middlebury College. Explain to the booking agent that you CANNOT send an official offer without approval from MCAB Concerts, but request a price estimate from the agent and a “tech rider” or “backline rider” (see Tech Equipment below). Middlebury’s policy is to make “inclusive” offers. This means that our offer is a flat rate, so the artist is responsible for arranging and funding any of their additional costs, such as transportation, lodging, hospitality (food), etc. Please keep in mind that Middlebury student bands are not eligible for this funding. DO NOT EVER ALLUDE TO OR COMMIT TO GIVING A BAND ANY CONCRETE OR OFFICIAL MONETARY OFFER UNTIL THE CONCERT COMMITTEE HAS EXPLICITLY TOLD YOU OTHERWISE. VERBAL CONTRACTS ARE LEGALLY BINDING IN THE STATE OF VERMONT, AND YOU CAN/WILL GET PERSONALLY SUED IF YOU DEFAULT ON ONE.

Step Two: The Venue

The venue for the show is very important; it sets the tone for the concert in terms of atmosphere, number of people, energy level (seated or standing?), and acoustics. To expedite the process, please CHOOSE THREE venues that you think would best suit your show (in order of preference). Before submitting a venue, be sure to check the spaces availability and details GO/R25. Acceptable venues (max capacity) The Gamut Room (50) Chateau Grand Salon (68, furniture removed) Lower Forest aka LoFo aka Forest Basement (100) Coltrane Lounge (110) Gifford Annex (124, furniture removed) 51 Main (140) Pearsons Lounge (170, furniture removed) The Bunker (220) Crossroads Café (200) McCullough Social Space (400 seated, 600 standing) A Social House (with written approval by house leader)

Step Three: Technical Equipment (aka “Backline”)

In the “tech rider” or “backline rider” you requested from the booking agent in Step 1, you will see a list of all the technical needs of the band in order to perform. In some cases, these technical needs may incur additional costs. For specific questions on what Middlebury College can provide, or if you don’t know what the additional tech costs will be, skip this step for now.

Step Four: Advertising and Promotion

We expect a portion of your itemized budget to be set aside for marketing/publicity for your concert. Please think of creative ways to advertise your show, but remember that emails and posters always work well. While we are unable to send out an all-school email for most events, you can email certain student organizations, academic departments and offices, and groups of people who might be interested in your event. You can also hire Reprographics to print color posters. You can either design posters yourself, or ask for help from their designer. For design questions, head over to go/reprographics or send an email to Allow at least one week for printing. 11X17 inch posters are $1.00/each; 8.5X11 inch posters are $0.50/each. YOU ARE EXPECTED TO USE THE SCI LOGO (e-mailed upon approval) ON ALL PROMO MATERIAL!

Step Five: Budgeting

The MCAB Small Concerts initiative supports concerts with a total cost of $2,000 or less. Please keep in mind that a maximum of $2,000 will be allocated per event (this includes all artists performing at the event eg. opener and main act). In the boxes below, calculate the total cost of the proposed show:

After completing the above application, MCAB Concerts will contact you via the email address you provided above to schedule a meeting during which we will discuss the proposal with you. This form must be filled out AT LEAST FOUR WEEKS before the proposed concert date. For questions, please email and Thank you for your submission!

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