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Yeshiva University Career Center JOB SHADOWING: WATCH AND LEARN FROM PROFESSIONALS IN ACTION • What is job shadowing? Job shadowing is when you follow a professional through a day of work. The experience can provide you with an inside look at their profession, firm, and career. You will experience a typical workday and see first-hand how the organization runs and how work gets done in that field. You will gain a sense of how that work fits your interests and skills. This information will help you make better choices about electives, internships, minors and other academic decisions that you will be making in your junior and senior year. You can ask questions openly and seek advice from people in that career field. The job shadow will take place over one day and you will have the opportunity to shadow alumni and friends of Yeshiva University. • When does job shadowing take place? In 2014, this program will take place during Intersession - January 8th-18th. • Who can apply? Only sophomore students are eligible to apply. Applications will be accepted now through November 10th. Students may only participate in the program as a sophomore, and we cannot guarantee that all students who apply will be matched to shadow opportunities.
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