OHIO University Southern - Emergency/Weather Notification

In cases of emergency or severe weather affecting students and employees on the campuses of OHIO University Southern, different means of communication will be used to share important information with students and employees. If you choose, you may enroll in the emergency/weather notification program to receive either e-mails, phone voice messages, or text messages on your mobile phone. Before registering your contact items, you should know:  - It is your responsibility to provide and maintain your telephone/mobile phone number and the name of your phone/mobile phone service provider. If a message is returned to Ohio University Southern as undeliverable to the phone/mobile phone number or e-mail you have provided, your information may be deleted from the system. - Your mobile phone service must permit text messages to receive any text messaging. - We will test the voice, e-mail, and text messaging periodically as deemed necessary. -  Any charge incurred from your mobile phone provider for receiving a text message, whether pursuant to a test of the system or during an actual emergency, is your responsibility. -  We cannot guarantee delivery of an emergency voice mail, e-mail message, or text message to your equipment because delivery is dependent on your phone provider, mobile phone provider, or ISP provider and on the University having the ability to send a message at a particular point in time. - Entering phone numbers on this system does NOT change your official phone numbers on file with the university. - OHIO University Southern assumes no legal liability if notice of an event or situation is not sent, or contains incorrect information, whether due to human error, equipment malfunction, or other circumstances. By signing up for emergency/weather notification services, you represent that you are authorized to register the phone phone, mobile phone number, e-mail address, or text messaging number you provide and you agree to these terms and conditions in existence and as the terms and conditions may be updated from time to time. Failure to provide complete legible information may result in your information not being entered into the emergency/weather notification system.
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Phone numbers for voice messages.

One phone number required. Can also add up to five additional phone numbers (landline or mobile). Please enter area code as well as the seven digit phone number.

To receive text messages:

All mobile phone numbers will receive a voice message from OHIO University Southern through One-Call Now within the first two weeks of requesting inclusion in the emergency/weather notification. If you wish to receive text messages AFTER that voice call, you will need to then text the word Alert to 22300. Otherwise, you will not receive text messages.

E-mail messages

Your OU e-mail account will be entered automatically. You can list up to five additional e-mail address below.

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