Girl Scouts - Dakota Horizons :: 2013 PRODUCT SALES PROGRAM PERMISSION FORM

Dear Parent/Guardian: Your role as a parent/guardian is to help your Girl Scout and/or her Girl Scout group to realize their potential and assist in the leadership skills that comes through their participation in the Girl Scout Product Sales Program. If you have questions or concerns regarding any aspect of Product Sales, please contact your Membership Specialist.
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1. My daughter is a 2012-2013 registered member of Girl Scouts—Dakota Horizons. 2. I will accept responsibility for all Fall and Cookie Products ordered and remittance of Product Sale payments due. 3. I understand that money from any Product Sales Program is not mine and must be turned in on time to the Fall Sale Coordinator or Cookie Sale Coordinator. 4. I agree that Products will be sold only during the periods of time indicated by the Council. Early sales may make a girl or group/troop ineligible for group/troop proceeds, awards, incentives and/or Dakota Certificates. 5. I agree that Products will be delivered to customers and payment collected on the schedule indicated by the Council. 6. My daughter will use the buddy system at all times. 7. I agree to return damaged Product to the Group/Troop, District Office or Council for replacement. 8. I understand that undelivered/unsold Product cannot be returned to the Group/Troop, District Office, or Council for refund or credit.

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