Accelerated Graduate Program

This is a survey of intent to pursue the Accelerated Graduate Program (AGP). The coursework Masters degree is 96 units; 8 courses (12 units each). 4 courses must be from the MechE Department (24-xxx). 1 course must be an approved Math course. The remaining 3 courses are considered "technical electives" and may be from outside the MechE Department. Courses in any CIT Department, Computer Science, Physics, Math, HCII, and Robotics are pre-approved for electives. Additional courses that are technical in nature may be petitioned via the AGP advisor to count. A maximum of 1 undergraduate (300 or 400 level) 12 unit course may be used. It may be one of the 4 MechE required courses or one of the 3 technical electives. Either is fine. Courses that you use for AGP may not count towards any undergraduate degree(s) or any minors. This form is for use by the AGP Advisor, B.J. Fecich to assist you in planning for your master's degree. For assistance selecting available courses, visit: Mechanical Engineering Graduate Site ( and/or Schedule of Classes ( Please note the courses you identify below may be adjusted prior to graduation. The courses you list are NOT set in stone! Adjustments are very easy to make and are between you and the AGP Advisor. This is just a first past at courses that you may be interested in. It also helps the department gauge how often we should offer a class based on the demand.
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