Kids Run the Nation Grant Application

A total of $15,000 - $20,000 will be awarded in a combination of grants ranging from $500-$1,000. All applicants must be an official 501(c)3, a grade school, parent booster club, PTA, or a similar entity to qualify for a grant. Important criteria for receiving a grant include: -- The running program must be more than just a one time event. It should be a structured running program that ideally utilizes the Kids Run the Nation materials or similar multi-week program. The goal of the program is to have kids running regularly, at least once a week for multiple weeks, as opposed to participating in a single event. However, the program may culminate in participation at a kids' race. Kids Run the Nation fund may not be used for race entry fees into local races. -- The program may be a start-up program or a pre-existing program. -- The program should be gender inclusive. The program may not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, religion, ethnic origin, or economic status. The program may outline age groups and may place a minimum and maximum age for participation. -- The program may focus on participation or may emphasize competition or a combination of both. However, we do not fund competitive racing teams through the Kids Run the Nation Fund. -- The running program has adopted policies and procedures that ensure the safety of the participants and outlines expectations of the program leaders including submitting to criminal background checks. Instructions: The program director should complete this application, print a copy, then click submit by the October 31st deadline.
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Application Certification:

I certify that the information provided in this application is true. If awarded an RRCA: Kids Run the Nation Grant, I agree: • that the funds will only be used for the purposes outlined in this application or in accordance with the grant fund guidelines; • To promote that our program is a recipient of an RRCA: Kids Run the Nation Grant, and we may use the Kids Run the Nation® brand and RRCA logo for promotional efforts; • To allow the RRCA to promote our program nationally through print and electronic media and to use our program as an example for fundraising and awareness efforts for the Kids Run the Nation Fund and grants; • To expend the grant funds within 12 months of receipt or provide an explanation of when the funds will be expensed beyond 12 months; * To utilize the Kids Run the Nation Mileage log to report number of program participants and miles logged for the individuals or as a group; • To email a written report along with a digital photo of program participants within 12 months of receipt of the grant on how the funds have assisted your program; • If for any reason the program is cancelled before the funds are expended, I agree to return all unused funds to the RRCA: Kids Run the Nation Fund.

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Print a copy of this page for your records before clicking the submit button. By clicking submit, your information is automatically received by the RRCA. The application deadline is October 1st, and the selection process typically takes 30 days after the closing date. All applicants will be contacted as to the status of this application after the selection process is completed.

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