2013- Boston College International Student Orientation- Sign-Up Form

Orientation is required for all freshman undergraduates and exchange students. It is strongly recommended for all other new international students.
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Every year, hundreds of new BC international students board a huge boat for a guided tour of the Boston Harbor. This is a great chance to meet other international students and to make new friends. After the cruise there will be a chance to go to dinner in Boston with all of your new friends (cost of dinner not included). To sign up, just choose below that you want to go and then visit https://commerce.cashnet.com/bcINTSS and pay the $15 fee for the cruise ticket. This will be a very fun activity, and every year we have 300+ students choose to participate. The cruise is part of our orientation, and this year will be on August 28th at 7pm. A spectacular sunset adds a whole new dimension to this fully narrated, 90-minute sightseeing tour. With this cruise you'll be introduced to all the history, sights and lore that Boston Harbor has to offer, plus you'll be on hand to witness the USS Constitution's traditional sunset ritual as she fires her cannon and lowers her flag ceremoniously signaling the day's end.

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