May 5 IIC Webinar: Deportations

Dear Friends, As the April National Week of Action for Administrative Relief highlights the rising number of deportations quickly approaching a record 2 million deportations in the last five years it is clear that our faith communities have a moral responsibility to stop the needless separation of families happening at an alarming rate. Please join us for the Interfaith Immigration Coalition Webinar May 5th at 4 PM EDT on how various faith communities and immigrants' rights groups are responding to the rise of the deportation machinery in our country. Call In Number: 805-399-1000 Code: 104402 Tentative Agenda Facts on Deportation Numbers and Administrative Policies that Have Driven the Deportation Surge- Joanne Lin, American Civil Liberties Union Particularly Dangerous Deportation Practices at the Border- Shaina Aber, Policy Director at the Jesuit Conference Administrative Relief from Deportations - DACA Expanded/ Not1More Campaign Addressing Deportations with Case by Case Advocacy In faith, Interfaith Immigration Coalition
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