Kitty Caretaker Application

Thank you very much for your response to our Ad on Craigslist, we appreciate your interest in taking care of our 2 beloved cats "Peaches" and "Binney". My wife has a skin condition that requires we migrate through the coldest/driest months, out of necessity for her well being - so we need your help. Truth be told, we don't have a huge budget and we are looking for someone who loves cats enough to be willing to take care of them for about 3 months out of each winter - for around $125 per month (cash). We are away from November - December (returning home for the holidays) then away again from Jan - March... These Persian and Tabby cats each need to be fed separate meals, 2 times each day - and canned Tuna each night (for dietary reasons), looked after - and loved while we are away. We will provide the food(s), toys, kitty litter and box for you to use. If you think this could work for you - kindly answer a few questions below to help us decide if you are right for this or not. Thanks again, we look forward to your positive response! :^) Warmly, D & A
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