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Step-by-step registration procedures 1. This form is for NON-DEGREE seeking students. Continuing UAF students register at Kids Camp registration is completed at 2. Please provide all required information. Incomplete forms cannot be processed. 3. If you are registering for a class with prerequisites, you will need to email proof of prerequisites to 4. Once completed, this form will be processed within two business days. 5. After registering for classes, course changes can be made at 6. Current High School Students must use the High School Student Enrollment Form found at Questions? Telephone UAF Summer Sessions 907-474-7021.
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For course information, open another browser window and go to Enter course information in this order: CRN Department Course # - Section # Course Title

What About Payment?

• All fees and tuition for all courses that you are currently registered for must be paid within the payment period of your FIRST class to guarantee space in the courses and to avoid late fees. See the Dates and Deadlines calendar for information regarding fee payment dates, drops and refunds. • If you register for a class and decide not to attend the class you MUST drop the course or you will be responsible for the tuition and fees for that course. There is no drop for non-pay during the summer. No student bills are mailed from UAF. You must agree to the following to register for courses at UAF: I understand I am responsible for all applicable UAF academic regulations, tuition and fees whether or not I successfully complete the course or courses in which I am enrolling.   I promise to pay attorney's fees and other reasonable collection costs necessary for the collection of any amounts owed UA. If I do not pay, the university may take my Permanent Fund Dividend under Alaska Statutes 14.40.251 and 43.24.073.

Mail personal checks or money orders to: Bursar's Office University of Alaska Fairbanks PO Box 757640 Fairbanks, Alaska 99775 - 7640 Telephone credit card information to the UAF Bursar's Office at 907-474-7384

Before you submit this online registration form:

1. Double-check your work. 2. Print a copy of this completed form for your records. You will need to right-click on the form. Depending on the browser select one of the following from the menu: Print or This Frame > Print this Frame or Select All > Print selection 3. When you select the 'submit' button below, your screen may appear blank. If that happens, scroll to the top of the screen to read the confirmation message. 4. The registration you have submitted to UAF Summer Sessions will be processed within two business days. Thank you for registering online.

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