Dance Department Bachelor of Fine Arts Application

THE APPLICATION DEADLINE IS WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 17! The following policies and procedures apply to all students, including transfer student candidates, subject to college wide policy regarding transfer students. Declaration of Intent: Students may declare their intention to pursue a BFA degree at any time by meeting with their Academic Advisor for Dance. This declaration aids in assuring that students receive appropriate advising. Application: Once the student has earned between 45 and 60 credit hours, they must formally apply for acceptance into the BFA program by the specified deadline. Application Review: Applications will be reviewed by a panel of faculty during the advising period. Candidates will be notified of the panel’s decision at their appointments with their Dance Department Advisors. Application will result in one of the three outcomes: • Acceptance into the program • Conditional Acceptance. Student may pursue the BFA but continuation is contingent on the student meeting specified conditions. • Rejection. Students may re-apply after two semesters. Continuation: It is assumed that all BFA candidates will matriculate successfully. If it is determined that the candidate is failing to meet one or more of the performance standards for BFA candidates a panel of faculty will convene, consider relevant information, and issue a formal written recommendation to the student. The results of a review may vary widely, from no action taken, to setting a probationary period wherein deficiencies must be addressed, to recommendation that a student matriculate in the BA rather than the BFA program, and ultimately, in the most extreme case, where all other options have failed, to a recommendation to the Academic Dean that a student be administratively withdrawn from the program. **Special Note in regard to Concentrations: We are re-envisioning the BFA with an integrated approach to Dancemaking, Dance Studies, Teaching and Performance that will allow students to explore their talents and interests. Therefore, applicants will not be asked to choose an intended concentration.
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