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Please read this position description carefully. If you are interested in a position as a Customer Service Representative, please complete this application. If you have further questions email Eli Cherry at or call 860-768-7909.
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2012-2013 Customer Service Representative (CSR) Position Description

The CSR position is an academic year appointment starting and ending on dates determined by your supervisor. The CSR desk is open from 8:30am to 6:45pm, Monday through Friday. During these hours of operation, CSRs are the first point of contact for all people who need the Office of Residential Life services. CSRs are expected to assign priority to their CSR position over all other non-academic activities unless otherwise specified. Continued employment is dependent on satisfactory performance of the duties outlined below: CSRs are required to assist with the following Residential Life tasks: 1. Answer all phone calls and walk-ins in a professional, polite manner a. Respond to questions and concerns from residential students and/or parents regarding residential living b. Direct all inquiries to the appropriate person of contact when needed c. Keep thorough track of all messages received in the office and professionally deliver the messages to the designated area 2. Handle keys in residential living areas a. Fill out the proper paperwork in the event of lockouts, lost keys, room changes, broken keys, etc. b. Perform lockout duties c. Pick up and put back keys in the proper location 3. Carry out errands between other offices on campus 4. Make sure all daily tasks get fulfilled a. Put mail in appropriate staff member’s mailbox b. Record all activity that happens in the office and through voicemail c. Stay up to date on important information regarding changes in the office. CSRs are responsible for adhering to the CSR job description as well as the Source (Student Handbook), and all Residential Life policies set fourth in the University Housing Contract. Additionally, CSRs are expected to act as role models and should practice ethical behavior and decision making at all times; especially when working in the Office of Residential Life. CSRs must accept any other related responsibilities and expectations that are assigned by The Office of Residential Life and their supervisors. Please note that these are the minimum requirements expected of a CSR. CSRs work as a team, and rely on one another in order to achieve their common goal of making the Office of Residential Life a better place to be.

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